Unmasking cancer
cell camouflage

with multifunctional
fusion proteins

cancer cell
KAHR develops customizable immuno-recruitment cancer drug candidates
that utilize various methods to synergistically disable cancer defenses and activate
a targeted response involving both innate and adaptive immunity

Synergistic recruitment and activation of innate
and adaptive anti-cancer immunity

with Multifunctional Immuno-Recruitment Proteins (MIRP)


  • Binds CD47 on tumor cells
  • Prevents “don’t eat me” signals
  • Phagocytes ingest tumor cells


  • Binds 41BB receptor on T cells
  • T-cell activation and proliferation
  • T-cell induced tumor killing

Unique Features

Multi-functional mechanism –
synergistic innate and
adaptive immunity

Flexibility allows target
driven customization
for increased activity

Tumor localized effect –
avoiding systemic toxicity

Suitable for solid and

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